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CaptainsCharts charts are custom printed at the time of order with the latest updates and
data changes, because CaptainsCharts.com can only accept returns for product if we fail to
ship the correct chart number as ordered or there is a defect in the materials and/or workmanship.
If the chart delivered was not as ordered or there is a defect (other than freight damage)
please call customer service at 215.799.0541 to request a return authorization.

An order will not begin production until payment is received via credit card.

Once payment has been received a order maybe cancelled within 2 hours. Since

Captains Charts uses an automated production and workflow most orders are

printed within 2 hours and can't be cancelled or refunds given.

Requests must be made within 5 (5) calendar days of receipt of the product.
CaptainsCharts.com reserves the right to issue a refund or replace the product.

If the chart is damaged during shipment please advise the carrier at time of delivery, if
possible, take photographs and file a claim with the freight carrier.

Send photos of damage along with claim info to bruce@tigerpg.com

If you are unhappy in any way with your chart or product, please contact CapatinsCharts.com
customer service at 215.799.0541 or email bruce@captainscharts.com or bruce@tigerpg.com